Jun 16, 2009

Searching 6-16-09

Searching for a sign
Of where I am supposed to be
Opening my eyes as wide as I can
But it only makes things more unclear
In the darkness between you and me.

Where is the guiding star
To help me find my way?
Supposed to have found it by now
How am I so confused
I search for clarity by day?

Am I looking too hard for something
That is right in front of me?
Is it right here in my hands
Or slipping from a tight grasp
Though I am trying so desperately.

For I seek to find love and
The peace that is divine
The thing that is intangible
It is the breath of life-
Calming even the most turbulent mind.

In a quest to find the one
Whose hands will hold my heart,
Whose smile is the compliment to mine.
At the moment I find it I believe
My destiny will surely start.

But this search has made me weary
My eyes are in need of rest,
Mind tired of the race to find
The sign, the one, the star
And the end point of the quest.

In the simplest of dreams
We are walking hand in hand
Along a breezy shoreline
With no space between our souls
And no need to understand.

Is this dream the one thing
That could be my guiding star?
My sign that I need search no more
For in this dream I find my peace
Where ever it is you are...

1 comment:

  1. Maybe like the saying goes, we are the heroes we are waiting for.