Feb 25, 2010

With the Red Tail

I walk alone
Silence is in my head and in my ears
The sky is almost marine blue
With clouds hesitantly floating by
As if they do not want to disturb the day
A red tail hawk floats and twists and turns and dips
In the sky above me, circling nonchalantly, as if feigning disinterest
He soars on the faint breeze
Parts the air with his wing strokes intermittently
I walk and follow him
He is bringing me home I think
He is guiding me to the peace he finds at home
I follow him up the hill and towards my house
I follow his wings as if they were my breath
He brings me home and I feel at peace
I shed my skin like an adolescent snake
I spread my wings and turn my face to the clouds
I press off the ground with the balls of my feet
And I join my friend in the sky where he is waiting
And we soar and float on the breeze together.

Feb 20, 2010

Grandmother 2-4-10

Your laughter curled up toward the sky
Even the birds danced in its sound
Your eyes lit up with each breath laughter pushed out
I remember
When I was little, when I was peaceful
I lay my head in your lap
Warmth, cushion, legs two strong pillows
Like two bear paws cradling
Your fingers delicately traced lines
On my face, my forehead, my temples
Down my nose, around my lips.
These lines burrowed deep into my soul
Even the flowing rivers of my blood
Grew calm. My breath, too.
My eyes at rest behind the lids.
This memory I hold in my heart
My heart that has always beat with yours
My heart that you read through
My eyes. My voice, too.

The days we played and
Made dough or made pictures or made
Meals that I now make with love
I sat up- on the counter top
Miniature- legs crossed and eyes watching
Your hands
Stirred the milk and butter and you broke
Squares of cheese and dropped them in
Poured this over toasted bread.
Just one cherished day, cherished recipe
Simple, soft, warm, soothing
Like you. Like a memory. Just one.

(This poem was written exactly 12 hours before the passing of my grandmother. Today is her memorial. You will always be in my heart Grandma. I love you.)

Feb 18, 2010


This month marks my one year anniversary blogging here at My Dreams Interrupted. It is surprising to think that I have been posting my thoughts through my poetry for that long. I can't wait to see how things change and how I can grow in this next year. I have gotten a running start on my journey towards my BA in Creative Writing, so I foresee myself only getting stronger and bolder in my writing. Cheers to one year!!

Feb 3, 2010


I wish for the silence of snow
I wish for the silence of a house asleep
I wish for the only sound to be
My grandfather clock’s tick-tock
When stars and the moon are brighter than daylight
When the sun peaks out from behind distant hills
There I will breathe in the silence around me
And listen for mother earth’s soothing refrain
The silence before the swish of a bird’s wings
I wish for the silence before the crash of a wave
I wish for the silence before a tear’s release
The silence under water in an empty pool with just me
There is the place I find my heartbeat
In that silence I hear God’s voice speak
In that silence I find words to write and
There I find my peace.