May 28, 2009

Darkness 5-28-09

Drawn to the macabre like
Flies to the light
Darkness surrounds
But your force is so bright.
Wings turn to dust
At the grasp of the moth
Strength is expressed
Push my face to the cloth.
Black and red silk
Surrounds my nude form
Pain in my wrists
While I writhe in this storm.
Loving each minute
As you give the orders
Neck shrinks in hands
My breath becomes shorter.
Darkness a mask
For our sinister game
Love and hate sometimes
Are one in the same.

May 19, 2009

Robots 5-18-09

Mechanical movements draw his eyes
Her hips a twisting washing machine drum.
She cannot know her machines workings
They draw from him an automatic reaction
His switch flipped up and
His body turned on
He finds this electric current flowing
Ands he joins in the connection.
He wraps his arms in sudden yearning
Around this mechanical seductress
How has she brought out this robot
With her false misleading direction.
An empty robot with perfect proportions
Her shell the only tool of seduction.
Connections lost once filled by erection
And once again she heads out for completion.
Her hips twist like a washing machine drum.
These mechanical movements draw the eyes.

Words 5-12-09

These words flow smooth from my lips like
Water streaming down the backs of legs in the shower.
Rhymes, rhythm, verses run out like
Children fly out onto the playground after class.
This is my craft, my wood I am carving
It's molded in my mind like clay shaped by my fingers.
Words shift and dance and play among my thoughts
Tumble onto paper and keyboard and appear in front of me
As if they were brought there by magic.
Passionate words come out quick and sharp
Like breath when fists hit chests,
Forced forward by no choice of the owner
And drawn back but not completely, not mine anymore.
Each line a string from my heart drawn out
And curved and sewn into a fabric of unknown design.
My words are my dreams, my life, my memories
They choose me, I do not own them any more than
A songbird owns its song or a chameleon owns its color.
My words are little rivers given to me to release
And let flow out into the world to refresh and restore.

May 14, 2009

Peace 5-12-09

In an age of overindulgence and
Too tan too skinny too everything
Women wearing rocks
Too heavy for dainty fingers

They play too hard and their men
Too proud to want more
Than pretty faces with
Too much paint too much counterfeit

I search for something more-something
Too serene too calm too easy
And I find it comes to me in silence
Sits and waits too patiently even
And I feel it fits and I love it

And I crawl too slowly towards it
Does it think I am hunting it?
Too hungry for that peace
I cry invisible tears
Draw in invisible breath
So as to not disturb the calm

To wake the noise would be a crime
So I perch like a tiny bird
Next to it and pray
That it does not run away.

May 7, 2009

Blades of Grass 5-5-09

If every face were but a blade of grass
The world would be a sea of green and glass
Walls built up by differences would not last
Blown in the wind, as memories of the past.

And every time the rain fell to the earth
We all would equally embrace its worth
For it would be our vital nourishment
The water washing over in sacrament.

As each sunrise and sunset plays its part
Our waking moments signal a fresh start
Growth coming from an effort all as one
To reach the breeze that carries to us the sun.

Our lives would be combined as sand and seed
And new hope almost could be guaranteed
No discrimination and a love so vast
Because in one family we would be cast.