Jun 30, 2009

Unknowns 6-24-09

Draw lines before I know
What I am creating
Pencil to paper in the
Usual nonchalant style
Swooping lines
Curves mimicking
My thoughts swirling
Like water rippling
Amidst a lake serene
Tip brushing paper lightly
Grey dust scatters slightly
Figures appear and they
Are dancing in time
To their own silent waltz
A scene from a dream
Or a movie I once saw
These dancers are
Unknown to me but
They know each other well
And that is perfection.

Jun 29, 2009

I Don't Iron. 6-29-09

I don’t iron. But
I laugh
And sing
And dance
And pray
And say please and thank you
And I love
And smile
And live and breathe
But I don’t iron.

Jun 26, 2009

Dream 6-25-09

I dreamed a dream within a dream
Where nothing was really what it seemed
There were chairs made from soft serve cream
And each day and night was torn at the seams.

You rose up from midnight waters
A modern day Poseidon to hopeful daughters
I thought this to be poetic fodder
My cheek your lips did make much hotter.

We danced a dance of celestial kings
And spoke of philosophical things
Your voice a smooth bravado with wings
Around you-an assembly of angels who sing.

My dress had folds of artichoke leaves
And jewels begotten by wayward thieves
And when we chose this place to leave
Ascended to the sky riding on a breeze.

The sea an endless rhythm driven by the moon
Darkness and circumstance it has never known
It lulls me from this dreaming home
And caresses me with its wave formed foam.

Jun 24, 2009

Meditation 6-24-09

At rest
Peaceful and still
Yogic pose held intently
Breathe in and out
Quite content to stay
Here for a while
And I choose not to
Close my eyes
Focus on the tiny dots
In the panel
Above my head
Inverted body
Inverted mind
Flowing thoughts
Float by but
Do not stop to bother
Me instead they
Pass without a pause
Breathe in and fill
My open belly, lungs,
Mind, soul
Nourish cells with
Air I concentrate
On the air and
Breathe out.
Still, peaceful
At rest.

Jun 20, 2009

Alignment 6-20-09

I ponder
The time
When my heart
And my mind
Are able to

Will they converse
And intertwine
Or will they
Both burst
And in what time

I ponder their
Battles past
And present
Why is there such
Toil to a descent

I ponder what things
They may have
In common
Do they remember
Ever a time
When they both
Let some love in?

Wonder if
My heart and
My head can
And if so
Will a new life
For me emerge

Will I appear
Renewed and refreshed
Or war torn
From the battle
And hair all a mess
And face striped
With tears
Or will I
Smile ear to ear.

Jun 16, 2009

Searching 6-16-09

Searching for a sign
Of where I am supposed to be
Opening my eyes as wide as I can
But it only makes things more unclear
In the darkness between you and me.

Where is the guiding star
To help me find my way?
Supposed to have found it by now
How am I so confused
I search for clarity by day?

Am I looking too hard for something
That is right in front of me?
Is it right here in my hands
Or slipping from a tight grasp
Though I am trying so desperately.

For I seek to find love and
The peace that is divine
The thing that is intangible
It is the breath of life-
Calming even the most turbulent mind.

In a quest to find the one
Whose hands will hold my heart,
Whose smile is the compliment to mine.
At the moment I find it I believe
My destiny will surely start.

But this search has made me weary
My eyes are in need of rest,
Mind tired of the race to find
The sign, the one, the star
And the end point of the quest.

In the simplest of dreams
We are walking hand in hand
Along a breezy shoreline
With no space between our souls
And no need to understand.

Is this dream the one thing
That could be my guiding star?
My sign that I need search no more
For in this dream I find my peace
Where ever it is you are...


Balloons floating by
Blue, pink, purple, green.
Colors of flowers unpicked
And thriving.
They float up past me
Past the cloud I float upon.
Dancing in the breeze
And ribbons dangling below
Twisting and spinning
Are they joyous
To be free like me?
My head is light on my body now.

Curious thoughts have brought me
To this place.
How do these clouds not drop
Their tiny tears and just let go?
The moist soft featherweight air
Blankets, comforts, frees my soul.

Balloons pop through like
Tiny faces in peephole windows.
Are the balloons home?
Is this their final destination?
They may be just like us,
Given birth at random points
Of excitement and love.
Some set free immediately,
Some wait and die slowly
With those who love them dearly.
And in the end
We all yearn to be here
In the clouds
Floating, dancing, joyous.

Dreaming 6-16-09

What dream is this?
Have I left home
And traveled somehow to
A place I never knew?

Have I awakened
Here next to you?
Opened my eyes
And didn't realize.

Or am I still in slumber?
Dreaming of this day
My body lies
While my soul flies.

The sun is radiating
Warmth and light from above
Brings about a pair of spider-web wings
As I dream of saccharine things.

A dream of love
That centers my mind.
My wings are strong
So as my heart deep in song.

What dream is this?
That has brought to me
Peace and hope aligned
Within the eyes I wake to find.

Jun 10, 2009



I lie here staring from the corner
Of my eyes at the window in my
Really quite comfortable bed
Just the right warmth
Blankets enveloping me.
It should not be so hard to sleep.
My mind is alert, though
My eyes are mad at me
For opening them too soon.
They sting and my lashes are heavy.
I know I am excited for
I would not be in this state if
I was not in anticipation of wings.

In anticipation of wings
I have grown restless and wiggle
In my bed and my skin
And in my brain.
So excited to fly.
So excited to be free.
So, I toss and turn and
Am too awake to sleep.
All in anticipation of wings.

Jun 9, 2009


Turned me on with a flick of his eyes
Horn rimmed with silver shiny excitement
A new kind of heat radiating now
From that spot I had begun to think
Had grown cold and given up
So excited though I don't know
If he feels the same. Wonder-
Was that a look of amalgamation
Or just a bit of sheer confusion?

Knew how to push the surface buttons
To make me want to play along
And I in a fit of renewed flirtation
I think I remember the tune of this song.
I stare too long with bedroom eyes
Until he breaks and looks away
A look from him to rival mine
Would surely be the end of something
Or possibly the start, could be...

Is it a symmetrical attraction?
Both waiting for one to make a move
Our playful, childlike interaction
Comes close to mimicry of animalistic games
Unsatisfied now I am somewhat confused
For as I walk away distracted
The words stuck in my throat, I wonder
Is he is a similar state of aspiration
Or am I fighting a bit of delusion?

Stepford Training 6-8-09

Her naivete was unbecoming
Even in the most prim of situations
For her plastic smile and other things
Gave away her scheming plot
And unveiled her desire
For the most materialistic winnings.

Misguided aggression forced inward
Tiny blade against forced taut skin
Tiny pills down her throat
To have the tiny waist
To fit the dress
That everyone is wearing this season.

Tears stream down in bathroom stalls
When houses are empty long after
Her picture perfect man has forgotten
His little princess bride at home.
Run, tan, lacquer, smile.

Jun 4, 2009


So slow
Days filled with gliding motions
Around the tiny house
Back and forth
Feet shuffle, walker squeaks
Constant hum and tiny voices in her head
She answers them
I am sure
Always waiting, always hoping
Thought we'd get some company today
She says
Looks out the window again
No one there again

Jun 2, 2009

Open 6-1-09

Energy racing through my veins
Like white powder but without the name.
Legs and finger move on their own
Racing until I am safe at home.
Does this come from just inside?
Where is my safe place to hide?
Feels like I could hurt someone
It ruins me, I come undone.
Skin is itching and hair pulled out,
I wonder what it is all about.
Anger at myself runs deep
For promises I failed to keep.
All this force is such a waste
Turned inside with hateful haste.
No chance of sleep or peaceful dreaming
Erratic thoughts are constantly streaming.
Head feels heavy, body light
Where did I lose control tonight?