Jun 26, 2009

Dream 6-25-09

I dreamed a dream within a dream
Where nothing was really what it seemed
There were chairs made from soft serve cream
And each day and night was torn at the seams.

You rose up from midnight waters
A modern day Poseidon to hopeful daughters
I thought this to be poetic fodder
My cheek your lips did make much hotter.

We danced a dance of celestial kings
And spoke of philosophical things
Your voice a smooth bravado with wings
Around you-an assembly of angels who sing.

My dress had folds of artichoke leaves
And jewels begotten by wayward thieves
And when we chose this place to leave
Ascended to the sky riding on a breeze.

The sea an endless rhythm driven by the moon
Darkness and circumstance it has never known
It lulls me from this dreaming home
And caresses me with its wave formed foam.


  1. how did you set this up?!?!? I wanna put one of these one mineee heeeelllppp :(