Aug 2, 2009

Carry Me 7-21-09

Carry me home.
Home to my sunshine and heat
Home to mornings with dulcet
Birds and sprinklers and faint breezes.
Carry me home to my pale blue
Sheets and pale blue ocean coastlines
That turn into deep blue dreams
Dreams and sun kissed skin and ice cream
Carry me home to the scent of
Oranges and smoke and sea breeze
The scent of a man just back from work
And holding me close to his heart.
Carry me home to stay with you.

New Moon

Distant waters caress the shores
Their rhythmic cadence beckoning me to
Leave my solitude and join them in
Their dance welcoming the new moon.

My silent, motionless upright pose
Held still despite the sensual distraction
Waves upon shores and raindrops gently
Massaging my peacefully resting shoulders.

I feel a growing yearning for
A walk under a deep blue sky
Artfully strewn stars floating like diamonds
In a new moon sewn, umbrella spider web.

Epic dances for evolving constellations
Their steps passing thoughts in my unconscious
Before me contemplated and after as well
These astrological miracles we see in the sky.