Jun 9, 2009


Turned me on with a flick of his eyes
Horn rimmed with silver shiny excitement
A new kind of heat radiating now
From that spot I had begun to think
Had grown cold and given up
So excited though I don't know
If he feels the same. Wonder-
Was that a look of amalgamation
Or just a bit of sheer confusion?

Knew how to push the surface buttons
To make me want to play along
And I in a fit of renewed flirtation
I think I remember the tune of this song.
I stare too long with bedroom eyes
Until he breaks and looks away
A look from him to rival mine
Would surely be the end of something
Or possibly the start, could be...

Is it a symmetrical attraction?
Both waiting for one to make a move
Our playful, childlike interaction
Comes close to mimicry of animalistic games
Unsatisfied now I am somewhat confused
For as I walk away distracted
The words stuck in my throat, I wonder
Is he is a similar state of aspiration
Or am I fighting a bit of delusion?

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