Feb 25, 2010

With the Red Tail

I walk alone
Silence is in my head and in my ears
The sky is almost marine blue
With clouds hesitantly floating by
As if they do not want to disturb the day
A red tail hawk floats and twists and turns and dips
In the sky above me, circling nonchalantly, as if feigning disinterest
He soars on the faint breeze
Parts the air with his wing strokes intermittently
I walk and follow him
He is bringing me home I think
He is guiding me to the peace he finds at home
I follow him up the hill and towards my house
I follow his wings as if they were my breath
He brings me home and I feel at peace
I shed my skin like an adolescent snake
I spread my wings and turn my face to the clouds
I press off the ground with the balls of my feet
And I join my friend in the sky where he is waiting
And we soar and float on the breeze together.

1 comment:

  1. WOW breath taking piece you have written