Mar 14, 2010

Contemplating Distances

My love for you awakens words like those of ancient prose
Ageless and circular roused
From whence my heart it flows.
Imagine the fate of Montague and Capulet,
Or better yet
Compare our love to the two
Whose love faced deepest wrath and determined fall
Two bathed in sin but still
Like we, too, are God’s children. We
Of novel obstacles but all the like
In form and hearts grown warm.
Bent from bruising glances of lookers-on
And drunken dances with fumbling hands (so wrong.)
The other kind- with pointed incarnation
Forced a cavernous interruption
Eventually tearing us apart, though without our objection.

His affections came gilded with thin gold
Yet the surface sheen dispersed upon your fingers
When he turned cold
Like meteors that travel far and refuse to die
My affection transcends his and reaches you across the sky.
Since now you are so far, like banished thought
And I here in laborious depths of distraction
Seconds away from remembering and drowning in loneliness.

I remember you now as you were so often
Your body draped over my lap like the softest mantle
Your eyes piercing the barricades of my guarded heart and
Coaxing me to hold you with Herculean strength
Our laughter permeating the air like Night Jasmine bathed in dew.

Seven am came so quickly then
And we hid from the sun like owls
In respite from the hunt
Or Midnight Candy hiding its beauty from the day.
Our evening bound in shared adventure
And days spent together
Wrapped in slumber.
Yet even as we wince at the thoughts
Those times held precious for what we have fought
Deeper than friends call friendship so vainly
We share a lifetime of unexplainable connection.