Feb 20, 2010

Grandmother 2-4-10

Your laughter curled up toward the sky
Even the birds danced in its sound
Your eyes lit up with each breath laughter pushed out
I remember
When I was little, when I was peaceful
I lay my head in your lap
Warmth, cushion, legs two strong pillows
Like two bear paws cradling
Your fingers delicately traced lines
On my face, my forehead, my temples
Down my nose, around my lips.
These lines burrowed deep into my soul
Even the flowing rivers of my blood
Grew calm. My breath, too.
My eyes at rest behind the lids.
This memory I hold in my heart
My heart that has always beat with yours
My heart that you read through
My eyes. My voice, too.

The days we played and
Made dough or made pictures or made
Meals that I now make with love
I sat up- on the counter top
Miniature- legs crossed and eyes watching
Your hands
Stirred the milk and butter and you broke
Squares of cheese and dropped them in
Poured this over toasted bread.
Just one cherished day, cherished recipe
Simple, soft, warm, soothing
Like you. Like a memory. Just one.

(This poem was written exactly 12 hours before the passing of my grandmother. Today is her memorial. You will always be in my heart Grandma. I love you.)

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