Oct 6, 2009


She bends his words to accommodate her taste
Bends phrases to move and flow with ease
Erases the memories she dares not keep
And finds nothing left but sweet and sour pieces

Bends her mind to fit the mold
Bends her heart to keep it safe
She feels the pain of emptiness and weeps
Tears heavy loaded with fine white powder and blood

Empty sorrow and empty eyes
She searches for a place to hide her hate
She wants to erase herself so
She bends her body to become invisible

And in the mold she fits so well
Perfectly angled and empty inside
Her face a canvas for it to paint
And with that she thinks she may survive

Her fears devour the hope she has
And once again she finds a way
To numb and run and fight and win
The battle with her mind- a loss

Broken down, she kneels
Sick and twisting with the pain
Stabbing, rushing, burns and aches
Crawls underneath her bed and hides
From the beam of sunlight entering through the blinds.

1 comment:

  1. From the beam of sunlight entering through the blinds.... how come whenever we feel broken we run away from sunlight as though we don't belong there?!