Oct 14, 2009

New Eyes

The sky is shades of grey today
Tiny-thin girls walk by with heavy laden footsteps
I see boots over jeans and the wrinkled scarves
That have been pulled from backs of drawers
My eyes see familiar trees and building
Through a new lens, a softer view
This change in the weather brings a
Change in my head, my mind is searching for
Something new and I am finding it in
Everything I see.
Is it the sky that makes me smile as I walk
Is it the cool air pushing into my lungs
Is it the thought of wrapping up in warm
Blankets and scarves and long sleeves
Maybe it is the thought that a new year is approaching
Maybe it is the sun that I know hides behind
The clouds and whispers softly in my ears
Translated by the wind in the trees.

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