Sep 24, 2009


You are never far from my heart
My thoughts contain you as
Petals contain and protect a stamen
I commence to walk with you in dreams
Hand in hand across the sand and skies
Above us fill with alto-cumulus clouds
The heat from the sun barely rivals
The heat between our hands’ embrace
Smiles sweet and soothing are captured
From our lips and imprinted on our souls

You are never far from my heart
And I am with you when you feel alone
I hear you cry out softly from your pillow
And rush to comfort your tormented sleep
Like waves filling a whole in the sand
When it has been opened by tiny hand or foot
Your eyes the blue of freshly fed lakes
They reach for me and hold my own gently
As you pause from a progression of kisses
A dance of two dandelion parachutes entangled


  1. Gorgeous! Great poem.(s)

    Cheers - your newest follower

    Holli in Ghana

  2. Thank you! I've been a bit slow in the creative realm lately, so this is a lonely entry. Hopefully my schooling will afford me more time to write soon. :)