Mar 28, 2009

Twin Stars

Lips like raspberry pillows,
I'd think they would burst when pressed against my own.
Skin like cream and butter in a heated pan on the stove.
Puts a smile upon my face,
When I thought the world would swallow me whole.
I can't help but dance here and I'd like to call this home.

Every sentence is completed
By thought crossed inside our minds.
No need for words or sound, it's all given with the eyes.
I have no secrets, nothing hidden
I couldn't hide it if I tried.
Every smile, every tear, every ache
No need for pride.

Arms wrap around my shoulders
I feel safe and warm and loved
And the breath I hear inside, it
Matches rhythms in my head.
It's the sound of comfort and acceptance
It's the hold-together thread.
Two twin stars, had to cross paths somewhere
And we decided to stick instead.

1 comment:

  1. Astronomical.

    The metaphor of senses in all of your writing really appeals to my senses. I read your words and feel your senses. I guess that means you've done the work. What's amazing to me is that you can do this, and fit it tightly into form. I have enough trouble with simple prose.

    Keep going!