Mar 17, 2009


I may be a broken doll
Fell off the shelf and have never been the same
Pull my strings and you may not like what you hear
Don't know what you'll get but it may not be what I mean.
Have one eye that never closes
Always watching out and
One that drifts back to far off places
In my mind, my imagination still works overtime.
Lashes stick out. Liner drawn on like cat eyes.
Far too dramatic really, but it makes me look so pretty.
Lips a perfect shade of red, a shiny lacquer.
How do they think this fits my baby’s body, I don't know.
But my arms move about like open hugs,
I bend in the right places.
And my legs hold me up, never fail me when I run.
My heart drawn crimson on my pretty little dress,
If only you knew I really do wear it for all to see.
Hold me in your arms
And I am yours forever.
But I am a broken doll
So be careful with me please.


  1. Lovely piece! I guess we're all broken in one place or another. The thing I like about this poem is that in spite of being broken and imperfect, she still has the will to try love again and still has a positive self-image...realistic, but positive.

    That's my two pence...
    Arial ;)

  2. This is my number three pick.