Jun 9, 2011

The Exploration of a Familiar Sky

She maps the constellations
of his skin, discovering triangles,
one dipper against a tan sky.
An arm to any other
may not be this exquisite.

It is not the warmth of the arm
wrapped so tightly around
waist or ribs, nor the way
in which it cradles
her peacefully resting head,
not the strength
held within trained muscle.

Her eyelashes dance
along it’s curve, lips
follow, exploring inch by inch.
If only he could feel
the depth of love
her lips tenderly press
against his skin. Constellations
traced with half closed eyes.

The stars of this world
rival the darkest night’s
distant lights. Her fingers
find the smallest points,
graze each one, counting
how far they’ve come
to meet her here.

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