Jun 9, 2010


My life is filled with reminders of you.
Your smile sits on the inside of my eyelids so
I see you every time I blink.
You are the dream I left behind in a fit of restlessness.
You gave me a reason to keep my heart open but I closed it long ago.
I walk to the sound of our hearts tangled rhythm,
Though yours has grown fainter over time.
I wonder if your heart meets mine in dreams.
I wonder if you think of me when time allows for a pause.
I wonder if yours eyes see my smile when closed in moments of peace.
Reminders of you come in scents and songs,
They flow like water over flower petals during the passing day.
I find you in my memories and wish silently on stars for more.
Do you wish for me too when no one is listening but the stars and moon?
Do your steps match mine when you dance to music in your head?
Do you wish for the past and the future mixed like fruit and cream?

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