Apr 2, 2009

My Strength

I see my strength in my daughter’s eyes.
Reflected so clearly when I hold her tight.
She knows she is safe within arm’s reach,
And looks to me in the moments I teach.

I see my strength when I walk through a new door
Never stop moving forward or wanting more.
I find strength in a desire to learn new things
And the freedom that knowledge and wisdom can bring.

I see my strength in the soles of my shoes,
Worn down from running and miles of use.
I run to release whatever is inside
And I run to feel the power in my stride.

I see my strength in the friends that I keep
And the happiness and love that sings us to sleep.
We find strength in laughing with an open heart
And it stays with us always, even where we’re apart.

I see my strength in the love I pour out
For the strongest of men know that’s what life is about.
Love is the strongest of ties, we all know
And the truth about love is that it makes us glow.

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